This is the companion dictionary of the Cybersecurity Style Guide. The cyber.dic dictionary file can be added to your word processor to augment its standard spellcheck list. This is a resource for anyone who regularly writes about tech and is not a fan of the red underline that plagues any highly technical document.

For now, the word list of cyber.dic is based on V1.1 of the Cybersecurity Style Guide, with certain terms left out if we don't recommend them, or if they would not be understood by your spellcheck software because of how they are written (e.g., if they have punctuation, numbers, hyphens, or spaces).

This word list will be periodically updated to reflect new terms in the ever-changing landscape of technology and security. In particular, we will release a new version after V2 of the Style Guide is published in Fall 2019.


Please access the folders in the GitHub link below for specific installation instructions for your word processor; we currently support Microsoft Word (for Windows and macOS) and LibreOffice Writer (all versions).

Download from GitHub

Your Feedback and Input

In the future, if your word processor marks something as wrong, right-click it and select “Add to Dictionary” to remove the red underlining.

If you find a term that you think should be in this dictionary, email and we may add it in a future update. You can also fork your own version of this and augment it if you deal with specialized vocabulary not covered in our list.

Coming Soon

  • Updated word list after Style Guide V2 is published
  • macOS exclusion file and instructions