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Best Practices for Enterprises to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

One of today’s most challenging security issues for the enterprise is stopping social engineering attacks. This is a common entry point for many attackers, and any organization can fall victim. Look at the recent attack on the SANS Institute, and, of course, Twitter. Despite the frequency and potency of social engineering attacks, we often see inadequate security controls as well as incident response plans in place by organizations.

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7 Must-Haves for a Rockin' Red Team

Bishop Fox associate VP of consulting Daniel Wood recently wrote 7 Must-Haves for a Rockin' Red Team for Dark Reading. This article provides tips for running red-team exercises that will deliver added insight into your operations.

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Get Organized Like a Villain
Bishop Fox Principal Researcher Rob Ragan and Managing Security Associate Alex DeFreese recently wrote an article about what can be learned from the cybercrime group FIN7.  Foxes Ori Zigindere and Brianne Hughes also contributed to the creation of the piece.  
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6 Best Practices for Performing Physical Penetration Tests

Bishop Fox Associate VP of Consulting, Daniel Wood, recently wrote an article for Dark Reading about how pen testers can cover themselves legally when performing physical penetration testing during red teaming engagement. This was in response to the recent news of two pen testers being arrested in Iowa after attempting to break into a courthouse at the behest of their client.  

Is Your Company Ready For A Bug Bounty Program?

The idea of crowdsourcing information security help from hackers might seem like an odd accepted practice, but it’s clear that bug bounty programs are here to stay. Bug bounties have become an important part of many security programs.  Companies that are dedicated to protecting trade secrets and personal information collected from customers and employees have successfully used bug bounty programs to enhance their security efforts.
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